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MemBrain Waterproof Outerwear

When condensation is converted into vapor, it creates a chilling effect. Paired with superior face fabrics, MemBrain’s hydrophilic PU lamination helps prevents the chill while also keeping you comfortable in Mother Nature’s worst elements.

Need a waterproof jacket and waterproof pants that hold up without holding you back? You’ve found it. Marmot MemBrain lamination—together with superior waterproof fabric—balances the best in breathability, water repellency, and durability. Unlike other rain jackets, this rain gear’s 10,000mm / 10,000gm minimum performance ensures you stay dry even when Mother Nature won’t let up. The technology doesn’t stop there. Its hydrophilic nature reduces internal condensation even as your adventure intensifies, so you can rely on your Marmot MemBrain rain coat for comfort season after season. Bangladesh Apparels.  Email:info@bangladeshapparels.com

Men’s clothing with MemBrain technology. Mens Marmot Membrain Red Hooded Rain Jacket. Bangladesh Apparels. Email:info@bangladeshapparels.com

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E-mail: info@bangladeshapparels.com

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